Thursday, September 2, 2010

Are You Ready for Earl?

Word has it that we could be getting a little hurricane....

Let's get READY!!!!

At Brown & Hopkins we have the BEST smokeless lamp oil for your oil lamps, as well as replacement cotton wicks (1" and pixie), so check your lamps and make sure you are prepared in case the electricity goes out!

Oil lamps are a wonderful way to light your they bring a nostalgic feeling to any setting. They bring the past to life, and they are pretty good to have around in case the power goes off!
Did you know the word lamp is derived from the Greek word 'lampas', meaning torch?
In ancient times, lamps were often made of terra cotta,
and used oilive oil or animal fats to light the way.
It wasn't until the 1700's that Swiss chemist, Aime Argand invented a lamp using a round burner, and a circular wick. Flame was also enhanced by the use of a glass chimney, which protected the flame and controlled air flow.
Some folks today like to collect oil lamps.....I have just one, which was my moms' and I am getting it ready ....just 'in case'.
Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!