Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things!

A few weeks ago we were visited by the 3rd graders at a local elementary school when they had a field trip. The theme was "Hometown Tour", and they visited the police and fire station, the library, the town hall....and Brown & Hopkins!!!!!

The kids each received a little bag of candy, a wooden nickel valid for a free bag of candy when they visit us with a parent, and a post card of the store.

My sister is the art teacher at their school, and when they were told that her and I are sisters, one child innocently asked, "Are you twins????", which is quite amusing, since we look nothing alike and are over 10 years apart!!! I think he aksed that because if you close your eyes, and hear us speaking, we sound alike!!

Here are some excerpts from some of the thank you cards I received........

"You are very nice and your sister rocks! I want to own a candy store when I grow up!" Ethan

"It was very intresting that the shop was 201 years old. They must have yoused super strong wood when they built it." Logan

"Maby I will be a storekeeper like you someday." Julia

Well, I hope someone will want to be the next B & H shopkeeper, so I can retire someday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So.....What's New?

For one thing....this little garden stake with the
crystal water droplet has been flying outta here!!!!
Just $9.95!

My niece emailed me the other day and
told me the blog looks seriously neglected!!!

I must agree,
she wasn't aware that I have also been busy
updating our Brown & Hopkins Facebook page.
I am quite addicted to Facebook,
but I guess there are worse things to be addicted to!
Who remembers the Seinfeld episode where
George is dating this woman who he can't seem to get rid of,
so he starts smoking because he knows she doesn't like it?
Well, that's kind of me....
"I am on Facebook....and I can't stop now...I'm addicted!!!!!!!"!!!!
It is soooooo easy to snap a photo
and upload it to Facebook to show you what just came in!
With the blog, it's a bit more time consuming.
However, I promise, I will try to get back to a little more blogging
to keep the non-facebook folks in the loop!

With that bring said,
here are a few photos of new arrivals!

Lots of the Red ~ White & Blue!!!

Gorgeous light weight rose handbags...just $24.95 each!

My two great nieces who are in TX modeled their new
B & H tie-dye sundresses!
Available in sizes for one year olds up to 4 year olds!

Stay tuned for more updates!!!
Oh, and don't forget...we will be closed on the Fourth of July!!!
Happy Summer Everyone!!!!!