Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So.....What's New?

For one thing....this little garden stake with the
crystal water droplet has been flying outta here!!!!
Just $9.95!

My niece emailed me the other day and
told me the blog looks seriously neglected!!!

I must agree,
she wasn't aware that I have also been busy
updating our Brown & Hopkins Facebook page.
I am quite addicted to Facebook,
but I guess there are worse things to be addicted to!
Who remembers the Seinfeld episode where
George is dating this woman who he can't seem to get rid of,
so he starts smoking because he knows she doesn't like it?
Well, that's kind of me....
"I am on Facebook....and I can't stop now...I'm addicted!!!!!!!"!!!!
It is soooooo easy to snap a photo
and upload it to Facebook to show you what just came in!
With the blog, it's a bit more time consuming.
However, I promise, I will try to get back to a little more blogging
to keep the non-facebook folks in the loop!

With that bring said,
here are a few photos of new arrivals!

Lots of the Red ~ White & Blue!!!

Gorgeous light weight rose handbags...just $24.95 each!

My two great nieces who are in TX modeled their new
B & H tie-dye sundresses!
Available in sizes for one year olds up to 4 year olds!

Stay tuned for more updates!!!
Oh, and don't forget...we will be closed on the Fourth of July!!!
Happy Summer Everyone!!!!!

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