Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Silly Me!

Did I say 20% off all items with an orange sticker????
I meant 40% off!
Oh, I am going crazy!
So, the summer sale is 40% off discontinued quilts,
40% off selected items marked by an orange dot!!
20% off summer tops and summer florals!!
Buzz on in soon!

Watermelon Is In Season!

Coconut Watermelon Slices that is!!!

We've had many requests for this delightful candy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our 200th Post!!!

An Important Message for Non-Profits!

Dear Non-Profit Organization:
It is with great excitement that Brown & Hopkins
announces new fund raising opportunities
for your organization!
It is called "Brown & Hopkins Gives Back!"
and will provide up to a $200 donation
per calendar year for your organization.
Here's how it works….

Someone from your organization
provides the proper documentation (letterhead, etc)
to us, in person, and we'll get you started!
Announce to your members/community
that you will be collecting
cash register receipts from Brown & Hopkins,
so that you may earn up to 5%
of the net amount before tax/coupons,
in the form of a cash contribution from
Brown & Hopkins Country Store.
In the event that some of your receipts
are from members who are also members
of our Key Tag Club,
those receipts will be counted at 1%,
rather than 5%.
By December 31st, please deliver
your collected receipts to Brown & Hopkins,
and a check will be sent to you by the end of January.
The program runs from January 1st thru December 31st.


Your organization may host
a Brown & Hopkins Fund Raising Event
for one evening. Your organization
will earn 15% of the evenings net total sales,
and a $25 gift certificate*
to be raffled off during your next fund raising event!
*Event must net $750 in order to qualify
for the gift certificate.
Dates are your party today!
Key Tags may not be punched during fund raising events.


You may join our
Brown & Hopkins Charity Coffee Club fundraiser….
where your organization earns 100%
of the proceeds from donations received
when folks enjoy a cup of coffee, tea,
or apple cider at Brown & Hopkins!

We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities.
We are proud to support non-profits,
particularly local ones!
Please stop in soon and get started!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tobacco Cloth Curtains

These curtains were suggested by a good customer!!!
They are so primitive, especially when washed as directed below!

Tobacco cloth is a lightweight,
thin loosely woven fabric with cotton
in plain weave similar to cheesecloth.

Used as shade covering for tobacco plants,
crinoline, tea bags, bandages
and curtains etc...

Tobacco cloth is a very old fabric
with a lot of whimsy.

Try hanging cloth on jute instead of a rod.

A great primitive look!

Three length choices:

40"x45" Loom state size 54" L

40"x63" Loom state size 72" L

40"x84" Loom state size 93" L

Tab on bottom of panel for left or right tie up.

May choose to hang as is in loom state sizes

they will shrink to the smaller size
if you

SOAK in cold water 20 minutes, SQUEEZE out excess, LINE dry.
Fabric will crinkle slightly,
and have a soft, worn look- very primitive.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Clearance! Wall Paper Borders!

We have decided to clear out our stock of wall paper borders!

20% off while supplies last!

Hurry are limited!

Also, if anyone is into scrap booking, crafts, etc....

All of our wallpaper books are available at just $10 each!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Blueberry Time!

New at Brown & Hopkins!!!!!!

Refreshing, ice cold blueberry soda pop!!

It is from Maine, bottled in old fashioned
brown glass bottles and bursting with blueberry goodness!

Also available is the best ginger, root beer,
strawberry, and orange soda pop anywhere!

It's finally hot enough to have a cold one!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Create your own custom word wall art!
It is so new,
so we don't have a sample in the shop yet,
you can see it online!
And that is where you would order it as well!!!!

And you can have it shipped
directly to you,
or a gift recipient, or to Brown & Hopkins!!!

So, I encourage you to log on to
(click above)
and start playing!

You can order up to 11 letters!!
And if you don't like the photo
they have chosen, then click on it,
and choose a different one
until your picture fits you to a


You can choose either
black and white images, or sepia tone.

You can then choose mat and frame color!
This would make a fabulous wedding gift!!!

Be sure to check out the other items available on our custom online store...
vinyl wall enhancers
and laser engraved photo mats!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Baby Turns 21!!!

I was going through my box of memories the other day,

when I came across this collection of photos!

It was Sam's 7th birthday,
and it is the look of his little brother Kevin's face
that is so expressive and priceless."Ooh, Look at those candles........."

Little devilish voice inside Kevin,
"I can't wait to blow out those candles........!"

" fair, I wanted to blow them out!"
Of course, we were probably all saying to Kevin..."It's your brother's
birthday, don't blow out the candles..." Meanies, huh?

"Awww....he gets to lick the frosting too............................. "
Sam, "That's right 'cuz it's MY birthday!"

" Ooh, maybe that's my piece!!!"
Oh, I am afraid not Kevin...this is Sam's big day!

Say, "Thank you Mom, for not using the completely naked bathtime photo!"
Your welcome Sam!

You'll always be my baby!
Happy 21st Birthday Sam!

Love, MOM

Here is a current pic of Sam doing what he loves most.....
Rock crawlin'.......Keep on truckin' Sam!!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Special 4th of July Hours

Hopefully the sun will be shining on the 4th,
so we may all enjoy the parades,
and then have fun times at all the cook outs!!
At Brown & Hopkins
we will be open,
only from 3pm to 4pm!!!

The parade starts at 4PM here in Chepachet!!

Stock up on the the Vidalia Onion Relish!!!

Be sure to stop in for a FREE American flag
to wave during the parade!!!!!