Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tobacco Cloth Curtains

These curtains were suggested by a good customer!!!
They are so primitive, especially when washed as directed below!

Tobacco cloth is a lightweight,
thin loosely woven fabric with cotton
in plain weave similar to cheesecloth.

Used as shade covering for tobacco plants,
crinoline, tea bags, bandages
and curtains etc...

Tobacco cloth is a very old fabric
with a lot of whimsy.

Try hanging cloth on jute instead of a rod.

A great primitive look!

Three length choices:

40"x45" Loom state size 54" L

40"x63" Loom state size 72" L

40"x84" Loom state size 93" L

Tab on bottom of panel for left or right tie up.

May choose to hang as is in loom state sizes

they will shrink to the smaller size
if you

SOAK in cold water 20 minutes, SQUEEZE out excess, LINE dry.
Fabric will crinkle slightly,
and have a soft, worn look- very primitive.


Anonymous said...

Where do you buy tobacco cloth?

Liz said...

It is woven on an antique loom by the manufacturer....gorgeous but simple!!