Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Recipes Are Flying In!!!!

Our mailbox has been overflowing with recipes this week!!!
We recently mailed out a form to everyone on our mailing list,
with a recipe request form,
so if you didn't receive one,
it means you are not on the mailing list!
If you would like to sign up, you may do so by
visiting our website
or just by coming into the store!
Choose to receive by email, snail mail, or both!
We email about once per month
with postal mailings about 4-6 times per year.....
A big thank you to everyone who has graciously given
their time tested, and no longer secret family recipes!
This is going to be a fabulous cookbook!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Future Flowergirl Receives Fireflies From Me!

Clare received my Valentine gift the other day....
Fireflies in a Jar!

I heard that bribery with chocolate covered gummi bears was needed to release her grip on the is glass, and will make a lovely nightlight for her room......hanging high up on a hook.

Isn't it cute how she is marveling at the glowing insects????
They are available for purchase

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Help Put Us on Matt's Map!!!!

Please write to The Today Show at the following link
to help spread the word that Matt should
visit little old Brown & Hopkins in Chepachet!
Jeepers Matt, instead of spending all that money going to East Japeepee, you could visit a store that has been in your own backyard for years....and years....LOL
Did I ever tell you all how persistant I am????
I am downright stubborn!
I am not giving up until 2010!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fireflies in a Jar

They are back in stock for Spring!

Only 16 available, while supplies last!

And I do believe my niece Clare needs one for her room!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Read All About It!!!

Today's Boston Globe newspaper features a story about
Brown & Hopkins in the travel section!!!!
Here is an excerpt....

"If there's one thing a good general store ought to have, it's a candy counter. And Brown & Hopkins, one of the country's oldest continually operating general stores, which celebrates its 200th anniversary in the historic Glocester village of Chepachet, has a dandy."
"Though typical country-store wares abound, a veritable retail history lesson exists on what McIntyre calls "the wall of honor" behind the cash register, seven shelves some 30 feet long of old-time items that are not for sale, including tins, bottles, and boxes of old fashioned items like Dr. Naylor's Udder Balm, Sen Sen, and Red and blue combination pencils."

Here are some of the photos that Globe writer Paul Kandarian shot during his visit to the shop!

Thanks Paul......

Photos courtesy of

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Exciting Find!!!

Out of all the fabulous stuff Barbara and I discovered in Atlanta....
these mirrors made us practically jump for joy!

So rustic and primitive and useful!!!!

Each is a one of a kind!

Originally used on homes in India, they are hand carved and hand painted. Some are neutral, while others are painted with more vivid hues to contrast the deserts of India. The shutter doors are attached with unique iron hardware and can be kept closed or open.
We were unpacking them this morning and have already sold one!
She said she is using it in a room where there is no window....she was thrilled!
When these are gone, they are gone 'til at least this time next year!
Come on down!

Happy Birthday Abe!

Isn't it amazing that Abe and Brown & Hopkins
are both celebrating bicentennials this year????
And I think it's poignant to note that
Abe is on the penny and B & H has been known for its penny candy!
Cute, huh?

Oh, I think I may be looking into this too deeply......
Hey, is anyone else into American Idol???
It is one of my "get away from it all" things to do!
I am temporarily hypnotized and no longer thinking about
business or finding the perfect wedding gown......
Ya know, one that doesn't look too "bridey"......

Sorry for the rambling.....
I will leave you with this one pic......
(They are made with caluiflower!)
I'd love to dunk them in some Stonewall Kitchen Maple Balsamic Dressing and have them for a snack!
I am going to bed to count some sheep!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Our FFFFA* starts
Friday, February 6th and ends on Sunday, February 8th!
What is FFFFA????
It's First Friday FREE For All!!!
Let me esplain (No, Jo, that isn't a's how Ricky sounds when he talks to Lucy!)....
Every now and then, actually almost every month, we will hold a FFFFA!
Beginning the first Friday of the month and continuing through the weekend, we are giving away
200 FREE GIFTS (one per customer)
in honor of our 200 years in business!!!!

This weekend features gifts from addition to a fabulous gift,
you will also enjoy 25% off all
candles made by Warm Glow!!!
I have been selling these candles for years with great success!!!
They are highly scented, long burning and look wonderful in our bubble vases!

Scents such as Evening Mocha (Miss Wendy buys about 6 of these every Fall!),
Snickerdoodle (my friend Suzie loves this scent!),
and Hot Apple Butter (one of my favorites)
delight even the ficklest of noses!
Warm Glow always debuts new scents each season and this Spring they haven't disappointed us!
Come in and tickle your senses with
Cucumber Melon Stardust, Orange Cranberry,
Pomegranate and Raspberry Sorbet!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Twiggy ~ Earthy ~ Crunchy

Anyone who knows anything about me is that I love stuff that looks twiggy and viney!
I love to wrap garlands around everything!

Glass Globes!
Framed Prints!
I'd almost say it's one of my "issues", but having said that, it's also one of Barbara's issues!
We get so excited and inspired when we see wild twiggy garlands at a show!!!!
I was so inspired at the recent PA trade show, that I
ordered a twiggy garland with cream flowers and flecks of burgundy and green for the centepieces at my upcoming nuptials this Fall......
One more thing checked off the list!
Come on into the shop and get inspired....we received a UPS truck load of new stuff this week!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

L'il Birdies

Aren't these the sweetest l'il birdies?
Adorable on your windowsill looking out at the falling snow and reminding us that spring isn't all that far away.......
Available in sage, blue, and cocoa......
only $2.95 each.

I bet everyone wants to see what "lucky"looks like.....
Marianne and her dear hubbie were the winners of a $200 Brown & Hopkins Gift Certificate! They hail from Lincoln, RI and say they have been shopping here for years!
Congrats again! I bet that new rug looks great in your home!

Monday, February 2, 2009

"Once Upon A Wall" Vinyls on SALE!!!

It has been a whirlwind of a month!

We went on two buying trips to Atlanta and Pennsylvania

and ordered lots of new stuff!!!

We are excited!

And sometimes, it is out with the old and in with the new....

We found a fabulous new wall vinyl company and our order should be arriving in the next few weeks!

In the meantime,

all our wall vinyls from

Once Upon a Wall

are on sale at 40% off!!!

These are great vinyls,
but they didn't come out with any new sayings,
so it is out with the old and in with the new!

While supplies last!

Hurry in for best selection!