Thursday, February 5, 2009


Our FFFFA* starts
Friday, February 6th and ends on Sunday, February 8th!
What is FFFFA????
It's First Friday FREE For All!!!
Let me esplain (No, Jo, that isn't a's how Ricky sounds when he talks to Lucy!)....
Every now and then, actually almost every month, we will hold a FFFFA!
Beginning the first Friday of the month and continuing through the weekend, we are giving away
200 FREE GIFTS (one per customer)
in honor of our 200 years in business!!!!

This weekend features gifts from addition to a fabulous gift,
you will also enjoy 25% off all
candles made by Warm Glow!!!
I have been selling these candles for years with great success!!!
They are highly scented, long burning and look wonderful in our bubble vases!

Scents such as Evening Mocha (Miss Wendy buys about 6 of these every Fall!),
Snickerdoodle (my friend Suzie loves this scent!),
and Hot Apple Butter (one of my favorites)
delight even the ficklest of noses!
Warm Glow always debuts new scents each season and this Spring they haven't disappointed us!
Come in and tickle your senses with
Cucumber Melon Stardust, Orange Cranberry,
Pomegranate and Raspberry Sorbet!

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