Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Read All About It!!!

Today's Boston Globe newspaper features a story about
Brown & Hopkins in the travel section!!!!
Here is an excerpt....

"If there's one thing a good general store ought to have, it's a candy counter. And Brown & Hopkins, one of the country's oldest continually operating general stores, which celebrates its 200th anniversary in the historic Glocester village of Chepachet, has a dandy."
"Though typical country-store wares abound, a veritable retail history lesson exists on what McIntyre calls "the wall of honor" behind the cash register, seven shelves some 30 feet long of old-time items that are not for sale, including tins, bottles, and boxes of old fashioned items like Dr. Naylor's Udder Balm, Sen Sen, and Red and blue combination pencils."

Here are some of the photos that Globe writer Paul Kandarian shot during his visit to the shop!

Thanks Paul......

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Jacinda said...

Love the rock candy shot. Beautiful! Well deserved exposure!

Anonymous said...

I can only hope to someday have my store look as great as yours does. Congrats on the write up, you can tell you work hard to have such a beautiful place.