Thursday, May 29, 2008

Easier than Pie!!

This photo was sent in by one of our customers!
She said she was a little nervous about putting up the wall vinyl,
but then she said,"It was so easy!"
She placed it above her sofa, and surrounded it with photos
of her grandchildren......
Be sure to check out our other
Vinyl Lettering!!
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brown & Hopkins Offers FREE Gift Wrapping...

At Brown & Hopkins, we NEVER charge you for gift wrapping.
It is just one of those things we offer our customers and we LOVE doing it....for FREE!
We received a "funny" phone message yesterday when we got into work on Tuesday...
It seems that a "gentleman" did some shopping on Sunday.
Our wonderful Angela proceeded to ask him if he needed anything gift wrapped.
He mentions in his phone message..."I was pleasantly surprised with her great attitude and said,' Of course...I would love it!'......but then this is where the phone message gets verrrryy interesting (Inspector Cluso voice)....
He then goes on to say that we "wacked him a buck-fifty each" for the gift wrapping, and that we failed to notify him of "this extra charge"......and that maybe if we would let the public know about our "gift wrapping charge", that maybe we "would be in business til 3009......." Can you just imagine how fluffy his feathers are with this comment??? GRRRR
After speaking to Angela, it seems that the "gentleman" must have forgotten that he purchased two bags of candy at "a buck-fifty each", in addition to the two gifts that were gift-wrapped (for free).
So the moral of the story is two-fold.......
1) Don't eat all your candy on the way home, and then inspect your receipt
2) Leave your name and number when leaving messages so we may return your phone call. In fact, we encourage you to let us know how we are doing (good or not so good).....we'll return all phone calls. Just like our caller, and all of our customers, I would also like Brown & Hopkins to be around in 3009, so my grandchildrens' grandchildren can buy their own little brown bag of candy.......
Thanks goes out to everyone who visited us over the weekend! The weather cooperated and it was a fun festive weekend! Lots of happy shoppers turned out for the big sidewalk sale.....over 500 satisfied customers! Well maybe 499....

OH, and by the way, we have some great mark downs on some of our curtains this week! Hurry in for the best selection!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spring Cleaning is Done!!!

And we are having a Sidewalk Sale!
Saturday ~ May 24th
Sunday ~ May 25th
10am to 5pm
Save up to 75% on some great country stuff!!!
Plus there are some special savings
on a few furniture pieces inside the shop!
Some are marked down to almost half price!
The weather is going to be gorgeous for Monday, Memorial Day,
and Brown & Hopkins will be closed!
We'll see you at the sale!

Marlie Loves Our Penny Candy Counter!

These photos were sent in by Marlie's Mom, Jill!
Aren't they great?!
Someone mentioned the wax lips in our candy contest,
and Marlie looks marvelous in red.....don't ya think?
Keep those comments coming!
Please scroll down to the Crazy for Candy Contest post,
and hit the word "comments" and you will be brought to the section
where you may tell us a happy candy memory!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Well....I NEVER!!

Never have seen another table like this one, that is!

It is an ironing board table, manufactured by the Martin-Reed Table Company of Hartland, VT I imagine it was constructed some time in the early 1900's, however I haven't been able to gather any historical information yet, to date.
About 5 years ago, I purchased this unique gem at an antique store. I just fell in love with the color...a red, with lots of paint splats! And the fact that the ironing board section folds up and can be hidden beneath the lift top.....Magnificent!! Tell me I live under a rock, but I had never seen anything like it! In the instructions, it tells you about ironing skirts, so it has to have been made when big skirts were the rage. If anyone can tell me more about this table, please email me at
All I can say is, Thank Goodness for modern conveniences!
I iron everyday, but don't think I would like to do it the old fashioned way!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

CONTEST: Crazy For Candy!

The best selection of old fashioned candy can be found at Brown & Hopkins! Mary janes, squirrel nuts, Boston Baked Beans, red licorice wheels, rock candy, smarties, fire balls, flying saucers, pecan rolls, candy sticks, root beer barrels, ginger drops, candy necklaces, and even Sen Sen.....Do you remember that?????
Everyone that knows me.....
knows I make that looooooooooove CANDY!!
I have always had a sweet tooth......
and I no particular order...
sour watermelons,
gummi worms,
chocolate covered gummi bears (yup, that's right!),
red licorice,
black licorice,
coconut slices......
and dark chocolate covered caramels!!!
And when I look at these babies, I think of that hilarious I Love Lucy episode where she is working at the out of control candy assembly line......I would have loved that job!!!!
But instead...I love my job at Brown & Hopkins!
And ordering the candy is part of my job.....which is a good thing...
Until I make a mistake and we end up with 2000 sheets of candy buttons!!!!!
We thought we could maybe make a chain of candy buttons and stretch it from one end of the state to the other.......
Thank goodness I don't particularly loooooove candy buttons!
But, I do loooooooove these.........
oh, that's right....I have to tell you about the contest!
What is your favorite candy, or candy memory?
That's it, just leave a comment and tell us a little candy story!
We will randomly choose a winner, and the prize is......a huge jar of old fashioned candy!!
Contest Ends June 1 at 5pm!
Just a reminder.....when you post a comment,
just leave your first name, last initial, and your town......
Please.....NO email addresses....
To find out if you are the winner,
just go to this post after 5pm on June 1....
and the winners name will be in a comment!
Instructions will follow.....
Good luck...and Happy Memories!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We Have a Couple of Winners!

Congratulations to
Sheree H. of Coventry!
She was the recipient of our Mother's Day Gift Basket!
and to
Jill Mitchell!

She was the recipient of our $50 Mother's Day Key Tag drawing!

The next drawing for a $50 Brown & Hopkins Gift Certificate is on July 4th!
So get those key tags completed to increase your odds of winning!
Not a member of our Key Tag Club? It's easy to join! Come on in!
P.S. On Thursday, May 15th, we'll be giving out
free gifts
for all key tag members who present their key tag
at checkout, and to those who are joining for the first time!
We are open from 10am to 7pm!!!!
And don't forget to pick up your free iced coffee
at our local Dunkin Donuts on your way back home!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Visit the Picture Perfect Patriotic Home of Terri R!

Terri R. of North Smithfield says there is just something about "red" that makes her happy.
We really enjoyed our visit with her, and although the day was rainy, she has so much natural light in her home, that you would have never known!
You can tell that family are an important part of her life.....lots of great photos surrounded by signs and more!
Her hubby is a fireman and a great woodworker. In fact many of the cupboards were made by him and painted by Terri! Her back porch rockers were painted using our Olde Century paint in the color of "thistle". Her downstairs bathroom walls were finished in a faux painting technique which we show on some of the walls at Brown & Hopkins. If you would like to learn more about this spackle and glazing process, just ask us!

Meanwhile, click on the link below and enjoy the show!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hurrah for the Red ~ White & Blue!!!

There's just something about decorating with red, white and blue that makes you feel kind of proud....and happy.....
Just look at how realistic and beautiful our faux red geraniums are! Makes you want to water them, but it just feels good knowing that you don't have to! They are hardy enough for outdoors, and will look great in everything from old crocks to window boxes to whiskey barrels! Just $12.95 each and you may purchase them online at Have you visited our Lady Hopkins boutique lately? Check out our comfy, yet stylish denim dresses....just $32.95 and up. Long and shorter styles are available.
Summertime is on its way, and these daisies would certainly add a bright splash to your outdoor entertaining area.....and did I mention that you don't have to water them???? This will give you more time to entertain! I love this old Coca~Cola cooler from the 50's, but it weighs a ton! I can't imagine lugging it after it's filled with ice and beverages!! I bet a few of you still have one of these oldies, but goodies hanging around in your garage.....dig it out and do something with it! Doesn't it look great filled with flowers?

Insist on Flying a flag that is Made in the USA!!! Our 13 star and 50 star Heritage Series flags are Made in the USA, and feature an antique, tea stained look. All purchases of full size flags will come with a free flag pole, while supplies last!

Say Happy Birthday America with a new flag from Brown & Hopkins!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mom Always Said......

With Mother's Day just around the corner,
I thought now would be a great time to show you a few of the new items we just received!
Pretty vintage inspired jewelry......

Happy flowers!

A little birdie told me that this garden chair
may be used as a planter or a candle holder!

The firefly jars are back in stock!
Just 2 AA batteries required for a mesmerizing glow.

Electric Candles create a warm glow and are also lightly scented.
You may also dip a cotton swab in our wonderful fragrance oils and rub on the inside of the candle for a stronger scent. Just $26.95 each.

Matching scented rose hip potpourri is also available!

We were out of stock on these popular diffusers
and just received a new shipment!
At just $21.95, they make a fabulous gift!
Choose from scents such as Orange Clove, Cinnamon Bun,
Rose Hips & Lavender and the yummiest
Buttered Maple Syrup you ever laid your nose on!

Don't forget to register in the store
for a chance to win this gift basket (value $150)!
Entries accepted Now through 5pm on Mother's Day.

We will choose the winner at 5pm on Mother's Day!

Special Mother's Day hours are Noon to 5pm.......

Please leave a comment and let us know "what your mother always says".....
or reminisce about what she used to say.
Wishing everyone the happiest of Mother's Day!