Thursday, May 15, 2008

CONTEST: Crazy For Candy!

The best selection of old fashioned candy can be found at Brown & Hopkins! Mary janes, squirrel nuts, Boston Baked Beans, red licorice wheels, rock candy, smarties, fire balls, flying saucers, pecan rolls, candy sticks, root beer barrels, ginger drops, candy necklaces, and even Sen Sen.....Do you remember that?????
Everyone that knows me.....
knows I make that looooooooooove CANDY!!
I have always had a sweet tooth......
and I no particular order...
sour watermelons,
gummi worms,
chocolate covered gummi bears (yup, that's right!),
red licorice,
black licorice,
coconut slices......
and dark chocolate covered caramels!!!
And when I look at these babies, I think of that hilarious I Love Lucy episode where she is working at the out of control candy assembly line......I would have loved that job!!!!
But instead...I love my job at Brown & Hopkins!
And ordering the candy is part of my job.....which is a good thing...
Until I make a mistake and we end up with 2000 sheets of candy buttons!!!!!
We thought we could maybe make a chain of candy buttons and stretch it from one end of the state to the other.......
Thank goodness I don't particularly loooooove candy buttons!
But, I do loooooooove these.........
oh, that's right....I have to tell you about the contest!
What is your favorite candy, or candy memory?
That's it, just leave a comment and tell us a little candy story!
We will randomly choose a winner, and the prize is......a huge jar of old fashioned candy!!
Contest Ends June 1 at 5pm!
Just a reminder.....when you post a comment,
just leave your first name, last initial, and your town......
Please.....NO email addresses....
To find out if you are the winner,
just go to this post after 5pm on June 1....
and the winners name will be in a comment!
Instructions will follow.....
Good luck...and Happy Memories!


Liz said...

jutras said...
Hi Brown and Hopkins,
Here is my Favorite Candy story. I am 37 years old, maybe I should not tell you that,Ha Ha, But I Remember a little store down the street that I used to live on, in Pawtucket RI. I now live in Cumberland. I used to walk down to the store which was named Browder's Local store for everyone in the neighborhood, It was right in the middle of a residental area, you would not think a store would belong there, but so friendly, and everyone knew them, any how, they sold penny candy, and of course knew all the neighborhood kids, inculding me, which was good, because they knew how much candy a kid could have (ha ha ) and my mom would give me money to pick up milk, bread, and what was left over I could pick out candy, My Favorite, was the Red Lipstick taffy, I would smear it all over my lips to make it look like I had makeup on, So weird at this point, but when your young, you wan't to be older, and I'm right??? and when your older you so wish you could be that age again, go figure???? but I have to say the Lipstick taffy was my favorite and of course the flying saucers, with the candy in the middle, the squirrel nuts were good too, but the lipstick taffy, and the flying saucers were the best for me, brings back old memories of my neighborhood, Thanks for Thant!!!

Brenda Jutras
Cumberland RI

May 15, 2008 10:51 PM

Liz said...

Hi Brenda, Thanks for that wonderful story! (I had to repost your comment so I could delete your email addy.....we don't want any crazies getting a hold of that and emailing you wacky stuff!)
I think the lipstick taffies are still a very popular item, although they don't have that chalky consistency (sp?) that they used to. The name of my local childhood store in Lincoln, was called Grandfather's Store.....ahh, memories....

Homespun Cottage said...

Good morning! Reading Brenda's commnets about the red lips made me think of those wonderful wax lips and teeth we could get around halloween!! Loved those lips they made me feel so grown up and movie starish!! and remember the little coke bottles? and the candy cigarettes..HA HA all the things that made playing dress up so much fun!!

Dana, Texas

Antique or Not said...

When I was a little girl, we lived right behind a small neighborhood grocery store named B&B. Mom would send me up the hill to the store with money to buy a few things, and she'd always let me buy a little candy with the change. I remember the little wax Coke bottles and the pixie dust straws.

Pam B., Indian Trail, NC

AT HOME with Simply Country said...

Hi Liz...
We weren't so lucky to have a little neighborhood store, but we would ride our bikes up to the 7-11 and buy a bag full of candy...and my favorite was the pixie sticks!! I loved how they made me pucker! Gosh, I haven't thought about this in a long time...thanks for helping me down memory lane! :)
Stacy O, Saginaw, MI

WendyB said...

My first cousin lived down the road from a restaurant that had a candy counter and when I'd stay at her house, we'd walk up and buy candy and gum. Bottlecaps were our favorite! Remember those? We would have family gatherings at our grandparents' very primitive farm (no running water!)and we'd always bring Bottlecaps to share.
Now I'm more of a chocolate lover, rather than candy, but I sure don't pass up jelly beans and Valentine's conversation hearts! I had a pixie stick the other day and it wasn't as exciting as it was as a kid! LOL!

Wendy, Missouri

This Country Girl said...


I left a comment last night, and not sure what happened to here goes again. Talking about making a candy necklace reminded me to doing that when I was a kid and I must have told my son about that when he was little. One day when my son was about 5 (old enough to know better), he decided to see if he could make a gum necklace (while I was in the shower). He stretched his gum around his neck a couple of times (more than I knew it could be stretched!) and proudly showed me his "gum necklace". Needless to say, the poor kid had the reddest neck I've ever seen by the time I got through scrubbing and freezing it! He only did that once....and he still talks about that from time to time.

Tammy S

Farmhouse Primitives said...

Liz, I had my post all set to write in my mind, and then I scrolled down, and Dana just about took every word out of my thoughts. Those wax lips and coke bottles were more fun back when!!!! Nowadays, chocolate is my down fall. ANY chocolate. The photo of the chocolates is not doing much for keeping me on track with my diet. :-) I'm enjoying reading the posts.......keep up your bloggin'. Love coming to visit!

Anonymous said...

Back in the good ol days we used to stop at the dime store on the way home from school and get 10 cents worth of chocolate covered peanuts(double dipped), got a nice little bag for just 10 cents, this was back when candy bars were a nickel. Also back when I was much, much smaller!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Liz, boy did you bring back memories...we had a place called Jobes, they had candy that they measured out in a scale, loved those rootbeer barrels, I'd forgotten about them until I read your post! Loved those wax bottles too!
Blessings, Rondell

mike w said...

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candy story

Saturday, May 17, 2008
candy story

I will never forget the day that my family was on vacation in Vermont. I being a great candy lover had just purchased a lunch size bag of what was then penny candy ( you know the squirrel nuts, Mary Jane's ,Carmel creams) you get the picture . My brother had done the same. So we leave the old time general store and of course as two siblings do we were tourchering each other in the back seat. Well my dad must have told us a hundred times to stop but being the funny guy i am I did not, so finally he said one more word and I'm throwing out the candy. Well I thought to myself noway would he do this to his little boy so on I went doing what I do best busting. Well all of a sudden the car pulled off onto the shoulder and my dad turned around grabbed not only my candy but my brothers and out the window it went....I was mortified, in shock, stunned I was speechless , then with his stern voice he said now sit back and enjoy the ride. I thought to myself I just bought that I can't believe it That was awesome candy all my favorites. Let me tell you that day forever etched White River Junction, Vermont into my memory and to this day I still bring up that horrific day of loosing all my candy to my kids and they laugh at me . Ahhh memories !!!!
Posted by mike w at 6:57 AM 0 comments
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The Country Junction said...

OMG - what a lot of great stories! Mike's story had me laughing and cringing at the same time! LOL...poor kid!

My fondest memories of candy were at the local ball fields when my brother and I were kids. We both played ball and we always got the BEST candy at the concession stands - Bubs Daddy gum and Bottle Caps were my favorites! Today when I see, smell or taste them it reminds me of being 10 years old and playing right field (LOL I never said I was a star player!)

Anonymous said...

Linda said...
When I was a young girl in Queens, New York, my Dad and I would go places together - just the 2 of us. We'd go to the Mets game, the movies, or just walk to the stores on the corner of our apartment complex. Once, when going to the movies, Dad realized that bags of candy would be more 'economical' at the 5 & Dime store than the movie theater. So, in we'd walk with bags of goodies just for the 2 of us! Mom couldn't understand why we couldn't eat dinner when we reached home. Sadly, I lost my Dad to Alzheimer's last year, and this is one of my most treasured memories of him. What a guy!

May 18, 2008 6:20 AM

Jacinda said...

I keep coming back to look at the photos in this post. Yum. Why didn't I have an Aunt who had a candy counter when I was 10? Curse my bad timing! My parents probably would have had me on a short lease anyway.

I have a few good candy memories:

ribbon candy at Nanny's house

counting out 100 Swedish fish for $1.00 almost every Sunday at the Greek deli in Providence then stuffing them in all in my mouth before I got home and dad rationed them

spreading out the Halloween loot and swapping favorites with my sibs so that I got as many blow-pops and Nerds as possible (can you tell it was the 80's?)

taking an annual road-trip to the middle of Martha's Vineyard for the most amazing chocolates. Dark chocolate over fresh blueberry clusters and anything with nuts and caramel!

Ok, Im off to scavenge for leftover Easter candy because this made me hungry. If I was in RI, I would be making a trip to B&H, you really do have the BEST selection of candy!

Anonymous said...

Denise W. said...
Hello Brown & Hopkins' candy lovers,
My "hot spot" for penny candy when I was a kid was Scambato's in North Providence. I LOVED it!! I have many candy stories from when I was a child, but my absolute favorite candy story happened about three months ago. I am now 43 years old and I have five-year-old twins. So one Saturday afternoon my husband heads out to Brown & Hopkins with the kids for penny candy. The twins' absolute favorite thing to do!!! So off they went. After their several "picks" with their brown bags full, they climbed back into the car. "Don't eat it all," says Dad. "Okay, we won't." YEAH RIGHT! Once they returned, I noticed that my daughter, being a very good girl, had several of her "picks" left in her bag. But my son, well, let's just say that there may have been one or two gummi bears left. Not knowing what was originally in the bag, I went about my business. About an hour later, my son, doubled over in pain and ghost white, tells me that he can't stand up straight and that his belly hurts SO MUCH!!! As a mother, you can imagine how scared I was!!! OH MY GOD!!! IT MUST BE APPENDICITIS!!! CALL THE DOCTORS!!! So I did.... The on-call pediatrician called me back and I explained my sons' "symptoms." During this time, Michael, my son, managed to hobble over to the couch and was actually starting to fall asleep!! So I told this to the pediatrician. "Well, Mrs. W., keep an eye on him. Let him sleep. And when he wakes up, if he's still complaining and can't straighten out, GET TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!!! So there I sat, watching my son sleep for an hour! When he woke up, he told me he had to use the bathroom....Hallelujah! And boy did he! So what was originally in the brown bag and was now flushed down the drain you may ask? Well, about 15 swedish fish, 3 packs of Sweet Tarts, a handful of gummi bears, a few flying saucers, a candy necklace, and GOD only knows what else!!! So the moral of the story, Dads, please, don't believe your five-year-old sons, EVER!!!
Thanks for letting me share my story!
Denise W.

May 19, 2008 8:28 AM

countrygurl said...

Karen P. Foster - RI

Good Day Brown and Hopkins,

When I was a kid I never had a favorite candy. I love ALL candy. If it had sugar in it I would eat it. My favorite candy memory as a kid was when I would get money from my Dad for helping around the house or good grades, and ride my bike down to the candy store on the corner that was owned by the sweetiest elderly couple. I would go in with 1.00 dollar and come out with 100 different pieces of candy. Gummy bears, sour patch kids, boston baked beans, Lemon heads, flyer saucers, candy necklace to name a few. Any time I eat any of those candies it brings me back to that time. That store is no longer in business but will always hold a place in this big kids heart.

Karen P.
Foster RI

Melissa said...

Hi, I was just browsing blogs and I came across this fun, I will share my favorite candy story I was around 7-8 and my mom would take us to the mom and pop store down the road from our house it had all the 1-25 cent candies, my mom would give us change and we would stand huddled, whispering together trying to get the most candy with what we had, I don't know how we figured tax?!? We always would spend to the last penny! They would give it to us in the small brown paper sacks..Such a good memory.

Melissa T.
Wallops Island,VA

Anonymous said...

My brother & I use to go to the Breadhouse in Johnston before school everyday & by tons of candy.
I love the dots nothing was more fun than pulling them off the paper & how about waxed liquid candy, I could chew that wax for the entire day at school. I loved the red hot balls too. Now since my younger days are over & I still love penny candy, I love to come to your store because you have my absolute favorite, squirrel nuts. I bought some the last time I was there. One of my brother's favorites was rock candy & of course we both loved the flavored sticks you sell in your store.
One of my greatest memories was in Cape Cod. My entire family would go there for the weekend & my brother & I would hit every country store for penny candy. Those were the days. Thanks you Liz for bringing me back to a time when life was so simple & so much fun.
Have a wonderful day:)
Susan D.
North Providence

Anonymous said...

I am originally from Haverhill Mass. I am 56 years old and remember a penny candy that was in a small metal serated pot (similar to a beer cap) it had a waxy sweet candy in it and a tiny metal spoon attached to the bottom of cap. Only my husband can remeber it and friends our own age do not,,,,,,,,,,,,,any one out there who can remember this item and what the name of it was???
I also recall that if one tossed it on the road, in the heat of the summer it would be embedded in the tar.
Trish W, Greenville

Anonymous said...

There are too many to pick but the ones that stand out the most are the
Mary Jane's. I remember my father eating them when I was little and not understanding why he wasn't eating the sweet red coins or the dots!! Now I know the reason he passed up the sugary kid stuff and went for the more reserved Mary Jane.
Dana R. Harrisville

Anonymous said...

Getting the 5 lb Hersheys Candy Bar for Christmas. I love Chocolate!!!

Dan B. Virginia

The Poulsen Family said...

I have been coming to Brown & Hopkins since I was in Elementary school, although that isn't too impressive since I am only 22 years's fun to now bring my daughter there to get penny candy!
You know those candy buttons that come on the white paper? This happened only recently to my brother, who is 6 years old. He was eating one of those candy button strips, and when I went to collect the trash from all the kids, he was empty handed. He had not only eaten the candy buttons, but the paper they come on! I had to laugh because I remember eating some of the paper in my haste to get the candy off of it...hahaha.


The Poulsen Family said... is Christina P.
Foster, Rhode Island

Liz said...

And the winner is......
Brenda Jutras!!! Come in to claim your prize asap....and be prepared to have your photo taken!!!
Sorry I didn't post the winner at 5pm...I was busy taking a day off, which is very unusual for me. Hope everyone had a great weekend!!