Monday, May 19, 2008

Well....I NEVER!!

Never have seen another table like this one, that is!

It is an ironing board table, manufactured by the Martin-Reed Table Company of Hartland, VT I imagine it was constructed some time in the early 1900's, however I haven't been able to gather any historical information yet, to date.
About 5 years ago, I purchased this unique gem at an antique store. I just fell in love with the color...a red, with lots of paint splats! And the fact that the ironing board section folds up and can be hidden beneath the lift top.....Magnificent!! Tell me I live under a rock, but I had never seen anything like it! In the instructions, it tells you about ironing skirts, so it has to have been made when big skirts were the rage. If anyone can tell me more about this table, please email me at
All I can say is, Thank Goodness for modern conveniences!
I iron everyday, but don't think I would like to do it the old fashioned way!


Cathy Cobblestone said...

I'm with you on this one Liz - I think I'll keep my modern ironing board. Can't say I've ever seen one of these either!! Quite a find, I'd say.
Thanks for stopping by to see me - your store is lovely - and what incredible history - WOW. I'll be checking in often! Have a blessed day! Cathy

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I have never seen one like that in all my prim treasure hunting since the early 80's. I do like how it folds up inside the table though but think I'll keep my modern one!

Blessings Rondell

This Country Girl said...


I've never seen anything like that before and though I am a country girl at heart, I prefer the ironing board I have!

Wow, that's so neat. Great find! I love the red trim on it!


The Country Junction said...

Great find Liz!!!
What an awesome piece! Love the red too!!

Anonymous said...

Ironing board, what's that?? HA HA
Love this one for sure and if I knew how to use it I would make you an offer!! Great find!!


kim said...

I was wondering if you found anything more about this table. I was also wondering if you would mind if I used your pictures in a forum. I actually found this same table last week. Different colors but the same none the less. I will be putting it in my store but its currently not on hand and I didnt take any pictures of it at the time. I was just hoping to get more info on this piece. Thank you.