Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mom Always Said......

With Mother's Day just around the corner,
I thought now would be a great time to show you a few of the new items we just received!
Pretty vintage inspired jewelry......

Happy flowers!

A little birdie told me that this garden chair
may be used as a planter or a candle holder!

The firefly jars are back in stock!
Just 2 AA batteries required for a mesmerizing glow.

Electric Candles create a warm glow and are also lightly scented.
You may also dip a cotton swab in our wonderful fragrance oils and rub on the inside of the candle for a stronger scent. Just $26.95 each.

Matching scented rose hip potpourri is also available!

We were out of stock on these popular diffusers
and just received a new shipment!
At just $21.95, they make a fabulous gift!
Choose from scents such as Orange Clove, Cinnamon Bun,
Rose Hips & Lavender and the yummiest
Buttered Maple Syrup you ever laid your nose on!

Don't forget to register in the store
for a chance to win this gift basket (value $150)!
Entries accepted Now through 5pm on Mother's Day.

We will choose the winner at 5pm on Mother's Day!

Special Mother's Day hours are Noon to 5pm.......

Please leave a comment and let us know "what your mother always says".....
or reminisce about what she used to say.
Wishing everyone the happiest of Mother's Day!


Liz said...

Some of my memories of things my Mom used to say...."Don't make me stop this car!"... "Your tongue will turn black if you are lying!"...and my favorite of all (as I got older)....When we were driving down the road..."Turn around I just saw a good junk pile!" LOL, Mom loved to turn trash into treasure. I miss her lots.

Antique or Not said...

"Always wear clean underwear; you never know when you might be in a car accident."

Liz said...

Oh, that's a classic!!!

WendyB said...

"You kids go outside and play" was probably the most common along with "Because I said so!" LOL! My mom was always our biggest fan, even as adults,and so easy to talk to and alot of fun. She laughed all the time. I miss that the most.

Liz said...

"Because I said so...", but of course! And how about..."If Lori jumped off a bridge, does that mean you are going to also?", in response to "But Lori's doing it!"