Friday, October 3, 2008

I Finally Got The Hint........

So, I think it was the tenth customer in about a year
that has asked us if we sold these woven tablecloths......

Sometimes it takes me awhile to get with the groove......LOL

We now have the Homespun Woven Tablecloths!!!

Available in lots of colors and sizes...just in time for all those holiday gatherings!
Special sizes are also available to order!
Please allow for up to 10% shrinkage, when in doubt, order the next size up!
They are machine washable, reversible, 100% cotton, line dry.
Never needs ironing!
Although they say you may dry them on low in the dryer, however, shrinkage will be higher.

Fall is in the air!

Also in are some great reversible woven wraps for over your shoulders,
lots of other boutique clothing,
including denim coats, tummy tuck jeans, "Peace" shirts, and cozy sweaters!

Leaves are changing in our neck of the woods quickly......
Here is a photo I took around this time last year....

Natures' repeat performance will be happening within the next two weeks!
Come for a visit!

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Jen said...

I love those tablecloths wonder they have been asking for them, and love your fall colors on your pretty! Makes me homesick for Ohio. Where we live, there are lots of pine trees, and they don't change much.