Friday, March 20, 2009

Letter from Long Ago Customer

I recently opened my mailbox to find a letter penned from Mr. Anthony Duskey of Peabody, MA.......along with a copy of a photo (sorry for the poor quality), but it is the story that is so endearing.....

Dear Brown & Hopkins,

Thought the article from The Boston Globe would be interesting together with a picture showing me at age 5 in 1942 that has a jack rabbit in it that came from your store. I just had to have that rabbit as it was out front along with other stuffed animals! We were going from Rocky Hill Road in Smithfield to Webster, MA. Our farm is now part of North Central Airport.

Through the years, the rabbit and the tricycle are gone, but the memories linger on. By the way, might you still have one of those rabbits?


Tony Duskey

Dear Tony,

We don't have any of those rabbits, but sure wish we looks like a Steif to me, and would be very valuable today, but probably not as valuable as the memory you just shared with us. Thank you......please visit us sometime soon!

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