Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cookie Tarts!

These wax cookie tarts are so realistic that in the past week we have received the following question from a customer (name has been changed to protect them from embarrassment):
Tim: "Do you have any of those Hazelnut cookies already bagged up in a two pack?"
Me: "Those are wax..."
Tim: "OMG....don't tell anyone I asked that!!!!!"
Me: "You aren't the first one to think they are real!"

In January, when we were doing our spring cleaning,
we found a wax cookie with a perfect bite taken out of it,
and I guess they don't taste as good as they smell,
'cuz we found the spit out half in a tin bucket....... : {

Anyway.....they are now available for purchase online!
We're baking as fast as we can!


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Liz,

Thanks so much for stopping by! I have always wanted to see your store and it was a lot of fun stopping there. We each found some goodies to bring home.If we do get back there, I will ask for you!

Liz said...

That sounds great!!! I would be very upset if you didn't!

Brenda said...

Hi Liz, I saw you left a comment on Lynn's Sunflowers and thought "It's such a small world!". We were at your shoppe today, Lynn and I...oh such a dreamy place. And after smelling the tarts we both thought we needed to find a treadmil because they smelled sinfully sweet and we must have gained ten pounds just sniffing them! YUM!
Lynn goes to your shoppe often (she told me as much, she even knew what was new from last week, hahaha! What a great time we had.
This is her blog:
you'll find her email there.
I look forward to my next visit to your shoppe...although my card is almost half punched with only one visit! LOL!B=)

Liz said...

I am so sorry I missed you and Lynn! I can't wait to check out her blog! Thanks for the wonderful comment and enjoy your "low calorie" cookies!!!