Saturday, February 16, 2008

Painting Lesson for Elsa

We thank everyone that attended our
Customer Appreciation Day!

It was a success!
Everyone enjoyed watching Gladys paint.....

Elsa, from Glendale, RI enjoyed a little painting under Gladys' expert eye.....

Of course, we learned a few things from Elsa....
If you're a good girl, you get to choose candy from the old fashioned counter!
She even shared some with her Grampa!
It must be those sparkly red "Dorothy" shoes that makes her such a sweet girl.......we loved those shoes!!!!! And Elsa was a cutie~patootie!

Here is the finished work.....which will be won by the runner up
in our mural drawing.......Good Luck to All!

And don't forget, everytime you shop with us during the month of February, you get to put your name in the jar for more chances to win!!!!

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