Thursday, February 14, 2008

CONTEST! Win this Wreath! Post a Comment!

Happy Valentines Day!!!
The winner will be chosen randomly,
and will win this beautiful wreath made out of grapevine
and waterproof burgundy and red berries.....
The angel pick is made of paper and fashioned after an antique greeting card.

Contest ends on Sunday, February 24th at 5pm!

No special talent required!

No cart wheels, singing, or impressions necessary.

Just post a comment about the blog (like it? LOVE it?),

Brown & Hopkins (a favorite shopping experience, nice gift you received?)
a memory from a past Valentines Day?
Don't be shy.....
Oh and we're suckers for great love stories....

Live ~ Laugh ~ Love


Liz said...

okay, I will post one, and then maybe you won't be so shy.....Of course, I'll be excluded from winning the wreath : )
Some of my fondest memories of Valentines Day, go way back, ok, way, way back to my younger years, when all the children in elementary school would exchange valentine cards.....I remember I was so smitten with one little boy in Kindergarten, his name was Kenny, that I once chased him around the big round table and planted a big kiss on him. He didn't much appreciate that! But I still remember it like it was yesterday.... It was a short lived romance, by the time first grade rolled around I turned my sights on another cutie...oh, yeah, back to the cards....they were so cute. Do kids still do that today?

Jacinda said...

I love Valentine's day. Everything is just so pretty! cookies and cakes and hearts and flowers. One year when I was single in high school my dad came to one of my games and brought me roses and a big box of chocolates with the cover designed as a tuxedo shirt. Remember those? so 80's! Anyway, he was my hero for giving me a nice V-day surprise when I wasn't expecting anything. Today was actually a good one. I just made a card for the hubby with baby Clare. We tried to do a hand-print but it didn't work out so well. She needed a bath afterwards. : )

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to enter this since it looks like I might have a chance! ha! Just happened upon your blog...trying to see if you were another Liz I know. Anyway, one of my favorite Valentine's memories is the first one my husband and I had together when we were dating. It was also our first kiss....the first of thousands since, I'm sure!! :)


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, so many wonderful pictures to look at. I read it once and now I'm going back to re-read it to make sure I haven't missed anything! Thanks for sharing!

Barb said...

I'm so glad you posted on the P&R board, or I would have missed out on your blog. I love it!! It's too bad I'm married with children, or I'd love to move into that exquisite little apartment upstairs of the shop:)

My fondest Valentine memories are when I was young. Every year, my Dad would buy all of his girls (there were five of us) Valentines and have them sitting out on the table in the morning before he went to work. It still chokes me up to think about it. It was like Christmas. He suffers from dimentia now, but he still knows me most of the time:) I'm Barb (starlove5) from the P&R board.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz, well this is the first time i have visited your blog, but won't be the'll be in my 'favourites'
Love the picture of President Lincoln..and it is nice to know we share something..he was born on the 12th Feb, which is our wedding anniversary..
Love your blog & i'll certainly be popping back.
luv Ann.xx

Anonymous said...

Your store and your blog look so cozy. How amazing to have n historic property. What is it about New England that just gives me that warm, cozy feeling. I'm so comfortable with the well crafted and practical items of the past. Something about the decor and the colors used makes me yearn for that simpler time. As the Shakers stressed, "Simplify."

Michele said...

I really like the wreath. And can't wait to see if I win.

And that apartment is perfect too bad I'm not in need for one.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, just came across your blog on prim and rustic, love it. Hope I am the winner of that lovely wreath :)

Gayle said...

Wish I could live in your upstairs apartment - it looks SO cute! I'm glad you shared your blog with us on P&R - seems I spend more time lately reading blogs, than I do visiting forums - just LOVE them!

Kim Morse said...

I was in the store today and I just love it! I could have spent hours just browsing through the tons of beautiful items if it hadn't been for my husband and daughter tagging along! Now I know the trick is to visit the store ALONE! I've enjoyed reading the blog and I will be back again!

Debra said...

What beautiful Laveneder- great blog site also- glad I stopped by!

Annette Updyke said...

Hey you guys! We had a great time with our retail therapy received by shopping in your wonderful store!
How lucky could one be, to purchase the first and original Twig Chandelier, right out of the showroom! It's a beautiful creation and I have given it a great home here in Sweet Valley, PA. See you again soon, Annette

Liz said...

And the winner is.......drumroll.......Kim Morse!!
Kim, please email me at with your contact info to claim your prize!! Thanks to all who posted a comment.....there will be more contests...stay tuned and check in often!