Friday, April 4, 2008

Take a Peek at Marcia's Cozy Home!

This was so much fun!

A Big Thank You to Marcia C. of Glocester
for inviting us into her home
and letting us "shoot" it!
Click on the link below
to see all of her wonderful displays!
Many of the items you see in the show
can be found at Brown & Hopkins!
We hope you are inspired by the photos...


Click on the link below


Homespun Cottage said...

Liz, thanks to you and Marcie for sharing her home with us!! I loved the stenciling on her wall in the first shot and the green bedroom was so inviting, and you are right the lakeside view was to die for! great photo show, keep um coming!


The Country Junction said...

OMG what a beautiful view and home too!!! Thanks for sharing, both of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Lori said: this photoshow was great ! i hope you don't mind if i borrow the cool idea of making a cork board from a picture frame. when yard sale season gets underway i will be looking for that "perfect frame". marcia you have a great knack for decorating in that "warm and fuzzy" style.

Karen said...

Great 'Eye Candy'! Thank you for sharing...thanks fo Marcia, too! Love the cottage bedroom, too!

Heather said...

Love the hatpin collection... how great!