Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Chair Today ~ Gone Tomorrow!

Today we received in over a dozen windsor chairs!
(not to mention 18 big boxes of great country stuff!)
I am exhausted!

Barbara said it looked like a Quaker Meeting House!
Looking back through American history,
Windsor chairs can be seen in many notable places
as documented through paintings.
As a matter of fact, George Washington himself
fancied Windsor chairs - with a recorded
27 Windsor chairs at his Mount Vernon home.
Thomas Jefferson is said to have written a draft of
the Declaration of Independence while seated in a Windsor.
When the Declaration was signed in
Philadelphia’s Independence Hall on July 4, 1776,
the assembly sat in Windsors.

Our beautiful windsor chairs are made of a hardwood,
painted black and given a timeworn look.....
and very reasonably priced!
They are available in side chairs and arm chairs.
These particular chairs were special orders for two customers....
so have no fear, they are not blocking the candle display any longer....
Wouldn't you love a set of new chairs for your home?
They look wonderful with our new Rustic Farm Table!
The farm tables are available in any size, with or without company boards!
Come in soon to check them out!

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