Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Flag Thief Update

Remember a while back where I posted
someone had stolen my red petunia
and 3 of my flags from the front of the store?

Well, I thought you all would be
waiting with bated breath
(where does that saying come from, anyway?! I'll google it!)
on what I discovered....

In my best detective voice......

On the morning of July 4th,
we were preparing the store
to be open for the parade.....

We had a flurry of customers
from 3pm to 4pm, and had given away
several dozen flags to customers in that hour.

At approximately 4pm,
the parade was about to begin.
A crowd on onlookers gathered out front.

I noticed a red petunia placed
upon our bench, and a couple of ladies
where sitting next to it. I assumed it was their petunia.

Then I noticed two flags placed
in our whiskey barrel.
I assumed a couple of customers
had stuck their free flags
there "to hold" while they watched the parade.

It was then, that the parade ended...
the crowd dispersed,
and the petunia and the two flags remained.


The "thief" must have been guilt ridden
and returned the stolen items!

What is further interesting to me is this...

Originally I reported that 3 flags were taken.
When, in fact, only 2 were.

Hence, the reason that only 2 were returned.


Now, if I can only figure out why
people decide to "hide" the wrappers
(or just throw them on the floor)
from the complimentary mints

we give to them,
rather than placing them in their pocket or purse.

And if I have to pick up one more used toothpick from the fudge samples we give away!
For goodness sakes, we have a trash can near the candy counter, and the coffee area!

Oh yeah, and about that phrase...

It's "waiting with BATED breath". To bate is to reduce, lessen or diminish. Waiting with bated breath implies waiting with such suspense that one is hardly breathing.

I know, you might not have been able to sleep tonight......


Jacinda said...

Dear B&HCSBB Reader-
You will have to excuse my Aunt Liz and her crazy lady ranting about "allegedly stolen" flags and petunias, candy wrappers and used toothpicks. She is in the final month of planning a wedding, it happens.

Liz said...

OMG, thanks for the great laugh t my expense! But dare I say, it's all true! OK, maybe "borrow" would have been a nicer word than "stolen". I really should have taken the entire month of September off, but then I would miss one of the most fantastic times of year at B & H! It's looking fabulously fallish here! Can't wait for your visit!

Anonymous said...

Dear Liz -
I just want to mention that you have such a nack for putting words on paper ( ok, type on screen! ). It's truly a joy to read your updates!

Sincerely - your devoted shopper.....


Liz said...

Thanks Trisha! It's nice to know someone reads the blog!!!!

Nancy said...

I agree with Trisha! I'm still wondering who you pay to compose it, your sista.