Monday, March 8, 2010

I Think My Name Should Have Been Jane....

Here's a peek into more of my decorating style....

I just LOVE decorating with garlands and vines!

I made this mirror for Bruce out of an old storm door.
It's nice to lighten up the heaviness of an object with garlands.

This window in my guest bath doesn't require a curtain for privacy, and the whole bath has a garden theme to it, so, of course, a vine around the window was what I thought it needed!

The kitchen window looks out into the backyard and another vine for interest went here as well!

I finally decided upon curtains for my front triple window.....
Yup, these are the same curtains I chose for my bedroom and master bath,
just ALOT longer!
Linda calls them the "Wash and Hang" curtains!

All you do is wash them, dry on low for minimal shrinkage or medium for more shrinkage, and you get this wonderful "gauzy" look!
They are actually called Tobacco Cloth Curtains.
You may now purchase them online on our website!
I love the airiness (is that a word?) about them
and how they just filter the light without blocking it.
I love natural light in a home!

You can wrap vines around stuff too!!!
Here is a wire form which holds a battery operated candle which comes on at exactly 5pm everyday and turns itself off 5 hours later!
The first time Bruce saw it, he said,
"I thought you knew better than to leave a burning candle unattended?!"......... Men!! LOL

My dear friend Wendy made this collage for me with my wedding invitation and natural elements...and the bird is made from birch bark and was part of my wedding centerpieces.

I have had this window mirror for years and I absolutely adore it!
It is so rustic with the chippy paint and all!
And the vine just grabs your attention and lures you right in.....

I hope my photos have inspired you to
take a look around your home, and see where you can add a little vine whimsy......


Wendy said...

Liz, you are decorating your home so beautifully!! And how sweet you are to show the frame I made up for you! Love your pics!!

Liz said...

Thanks Wendy! Rome wasn't built in a day, taking one day at a time in the decorating job..... : )