Friday, July 30, 2010

Putka Pods!

Putka Pods.....little seed pods shaped like
teeny pumpkins (about the size of a dime),
which are dyed as their original dried color is brown.
I think the brown would be nice, however,
I am not in charge of the decision to dye them...LOL

This year we ordered them in a mix of
green, orange, and plum......beautiful hues for fall decorating.

These are unscented, and we use them to surround
a candle for a fall display, or to mix in
with other potpourri to create interest.
You can also scatter them on a table
(because ours are unscented they won't mark your furniture)
with leaves, acorns, little green apples

and chipmunks ($14.95 each...different stances)
for a whimsical display!
We love them! Just $2.95 for a 2 cup bag!
These don't last long.....

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Terri at Spiritually Inspired said...

I'm confused, where do I go to order stuff and to see what all is available. I love these little pumpkins and want to order:)