Thursday, September 18, 2008

Harri Is Jealous!!!!!!

I know, he looks happy here, but inside he is crying.......
Henri drove off into the sunset with his new friend Jo S. from Craaaaaaaannnnnston (that is actually Cranston to those out of staters...I just couldn't resist, sorry Jo!) and Harri is jealous!
So jealous, in fact, that we are going to be giving him away to another lucky customer! Details to come! So for those of you that really wanted Henri, you have one more chance to win the next best thing...Harri! So stay tuned!

We have been getting lots of new fall merchandise in, like these wraps for your mailbox!
Come on in and check them out!


Homespun Cottage said...

I want Harri!! do you think he would like to live in Texas??
HA HA!! oh by the've been tagged, go to my blog and read all about it..I want to know all about you gf!!

Liz said...

Thank you Dana!!! I have a feeling that Harri is a true New Englander, but good try!
And thanks for the comment and the tag!

Jen said...

Oh that Harri!!! What a man he is!!!!
Love your blog!!!

Liz said...

Harri is quite a catch...any gal would be lucky to have him sitting on her porch! But we may have to tattle on Henri...did you notice he wasn't wearing his seatbelt??? Bad Henri!