Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just A Comment About Comments....

I wanted to take this opportunity
to chat with you about making comments
on the Brown & Hopkins blog.....

I LOVE it when I see comments!!!!!
Anyone can make a comment!
Yes, that's correct....YOU can just click on "comments"
and this computer thingy will take you to the comments page!

You don't need any special permission
or an invitation or a contest,
so if you are inspired by a
particular post, or amused by a photo, please.........

post a comment!
I know that the gals whose homes have been featured in our home shoots
would love a comment or two as well!
Can you believe that we have had over 13,000 "hits"
on our blog since it began??
So, I know you are reading it!
I love it when you run into the store
to request the latest recipe ingredient!
Again, I know you have read the blog!
And that makes it all worthwhile!

You inspire us!
Your comments,
whether in person in the store,
or on the blog, motivate us to keep going!

Thanks for listening......and
P.S. I'm all ears!


Jill Mitchell said...

Liz... I just love your blog, and the others that you suggested in a previous post as well... I check them all out... I am kind of a blog addict! I suggest you check out and see his blog... hilarious!! I truly enjoy yours and I check it all the time!

Liz said...

Thanks Jill, I will definately go check on his blog right now! See you soon!!!!!!!!!!