Thursday, April 16, 2009

Aubergine? What's that?????

I am sorry, but I believe you are all going to be the victims of my staying up too late.
I was searching the web, looking for flower girl dress ideas for my great niece, which is a very difficult task. One, she is so darn cute, and therefore, the dress must be as well!
I will also tell you that my bridesmaid dresses are Aubergine in color......but, not all shades of aubergine are the same!
I decided to do a google search to ask..."What color is aubergine?"

This is THE color of the bridesmaid dresses, pretty sexy, huh?

I mean, I know what color it is, but it seems there a varying shades, and quite frankly, I am getting pretty particular about my aubergine.
And Bruce is color blind...he is no help at all!!!
How convenient!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I went to the florist......evidently there are no flowers that are aubergine!
That is ok, so I add to my color palette and incorporate, cream, apple green, white, etc....... into my bouquet and all the wedding flowers.
Oh, that is right, back to the aubergine!
Aubergine is french for Eggplant!

Who would have guessed (I flunked French!)??

I found a mouse pad with an aubergine on would be hilarious if someone bought this for me as a wedding gift!!

But if a member of the wedding party does that, I may just have to insist they wear these matching boots!!!!


Flower Girl Dreses said...

Aubergine seems to be a pretty popular color these days for weddings

Old Glory Soldiers said...

There are a few flowers that are aubergine, but because they may not be your exact shade of aubergine, you may need to go with the cream and green and let the aubergine be just a little bit of a peak ... Here are a few online sites that may help ;-)

And here ....

"...orchids...roses... delphinium larkspur and lisianthus. If I was really hooked on aubergine, I would choose miniature calla lilies and the surprise of real eggplants."

Good luck with the Perfect Wedding! I think the color is an absolutely gorgeous choice! It has a very regal feel and I am sure it will be a stunning wedding!

Have a Blessed Day!

Liz said...

Thank You Tina! I also discovered a lily that is mostly green, but has a touch of the aubergine in the center that I think will be nice.