Thursday, April 2, 2009

SURVEY! Comments needed!

Hello! We are taking a survey!
What would everyone like to see more of on the blog?
Is the blog easy to read?
Do the pages load quickly for you?
Are you content with our store hours?
Would you like us to carry different items
in the shop, and if so, what, in particular???
If you are on our email list, do you like the emails?
Would you like less emails, more emails,
or are we doing ok in
the "not bombarding you" department?
Please leave a comment......
If you are shy, you may email me personally at


Homespun Cottage said...

I love your blog (loads nicely) love your emails I wouldn't change a thing except the miles that seperate us!!


Liz said...

Awwww... that was very kind of you! I wish we were closer as well!!!

Jill Mitchell said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Makes me feel like part of the action even when I dont have the time to shop as often as I would like. It keeps me in touch! Would like to see more wedding plans, however!!