Monday, September 28, 2009

Back to Business, but First... a Few Wedding Pics and a Video!!

What a glorious day, weather wise, it was!
Who could ask for more??? 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky!
Here are a few practically professional
pics taken by my niece, Jacinda,
and an awesome video of our first official dance!
Thank you so much, Jaci!!!!
I've watched it about 5 times already!!!!
I am getting all googly! The whole gang.... Matron of Honor, Linda, Usher, Bill, Best Man, Tracy, me, Bruce, my oldest son, Sam, my son, Kevin, my sister, Nancy, and of course, Clare, my great niece!!!!!

My sons, Kevin and Sam, (Are they handsome, or what?!)
and my two beautiful great nieces, Clare and Quinn.

Adorable Clare!!!!! We'll be hiring her out for flowergal duties....she was impeccably good!!!

A laugh between best friends.......

Just the girls!

Our first official dance!!!!!
Click below for the video! It was all down hill from there! When I got home from the honey moon, I checked on the condition of my gown......Somewhere during the evening two of my buttons popped off the back of my gown where it attaches the train to the back.....Lord knows how long I went around with a droopy train!!!!
I guess everyone was having too much of a good time to notice!!!!
It was so much fun....let's do it again next week!!!
Oh, that's right, I have a store to run!!!!!
Okay, I am officially back to work tomorrow!
Thanks to all who held up the fort while I was in LaLa Land!!!!

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Congratulations Liz...very happy for you - the wedding looked like so much fun (I looked at all the pictures!!) You were a beautiful bride with a very handsome groom...Wishing you many years of happiness, wealth and good health! Judy