Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brown & Hopkins Needs YOUR Help!

Barbara was watching The Today Show,
and saw a segment that could possibly
earn Brown & Hopkins the national recognition it is so deserving of....
Please help by endorsing us for the nomination....
Shine a light on us by
You MUST register for your vote to count, but believe me, it only takes a half a minute, and it would really mean the world to us at the store.
If we became one of the finalists, it would be the best wedding present a gal could ever dream of.....
Come on, whatcha waitin' for?
We need a minimum of 50 folks to log on
to the link above, and endorse us!
The deadline is September 13th......hurry!
Thank You!


Jacinda said...

I did it!

Liz said...

LOL...You sound like Clare.. I Did it!!!
Thank You!!!! Now, only 45 more votes needed! Call all your friends!!!!