Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Boutique is Brimming!

Attention all fashionista's.......

The boutique at Brown & Hopkins is looking
Crinkly tops for hot summer days ahead of us!

How about a printed cotton tunic with angled sleeves, and side slits?
Perfect with the leggings that are coming back, or over your bathingsuit!!
You'd better get in here before my sister does!!!
She helped me choose them at the show, and loved them all!!!!

Vintage silk ruffled & layered scarves.......are gorgeous works of art!

I guarantee you will be stopped in your tracks and asked,
"Where did you get that scarf?"!
These are just $21.95 each and they flutter like a butterfly!

Soon to flutter right on out the door!
And of course,
Sunreaders....sunglasses with different magnifications
so you can read your vampire novel at the beach.....
Need a little something to cheer up a friend or add to a birthday card?
These packets of bath salts are printed with vintage pics and sassy greetings.....
"Eat Cake Sistah!!!"

"Greetings from Menopause"
my personal favorite.......
"I Can't Hear You!!!!"
Oh, yeah....and they smell great!!!
Have you tried our hard milled French soaps yet???
Lavender, Lemongrass, Honey Almond (gosh, I could eat that one!)....
And we even have Soap on a Rope!!!! Dad would like that!!

Virginia from Grace Note Farms spoils her guests
with these fragrant and long lasting soaps...

And yes......this one way down there, on the bottom shelf, is Ginger Jasmine,
and so worth bending down for!!!!
We'll help you if you get stuck standing back up.....
and we'll carry your armload of stuff to the counter for you too!!!

Alot of new jewelry...some funky, and some chunky......

And as always, remember.........

Note: If you get together with girlfriends,
the "Girls Night Out" game is a great conversation starter,
and you'll probably learn a thing or two that you didn't already know.....
and have alot of laughs...
or maybe a cat fight, depending upon how you roll....
but my motto is
Live ~ Laugh ~ Love!

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Rocking Chair Stitches said...

OK ladies you got to get in there. The boutique is absolutely filled with gorgeous and funky spring lovelies.!!!!