Monday, May 17, 2010

Lights ~ Camera ~ Action!!!!!

So, have you heard?
We're gonna be in the movies!!!!
A couple of weeks ago I received a call from director, Richard Griffin of Scorpio Films, asking if he could have permission to shoot the front of Brown & Hopkins for use in a film......
I say, "Tell me more....".
He says, "Well, it's called Atomic Brain Invasion."
(laughter....from me.....lots of it....)
I say, "Tell me more....".
He says, "It's a loving homage to the 1950's horror films, and it is set on Block Island, and we would have a shopkeeper out front sweeping the sidewalk, and a 50's car parked on the street. And it is G-Rated."
I say, "Fabulous, sounds fun, and of course you can shoot B & H!"
So today was THE day!
Cruisin' Bruce Palmer, RI radio personality, pulls up front with his vintage car...... a beautiful bright yellow!! Boy, I bet heads turn when he cruises down the street in that gem!
Bruce says, "Ok, Richard is here and it is going to be an action shot. He wants me to pull up quickly, onto the sidewalk, and crash into the building!".
I say, 'Well, I was wanting to do some work on it!!".
Richard walks in to the shop and introduces himself,
and says, "I have some 50's costumes in the trunk of my car."
I say, "You want us to dress up??????????????".
I am thinking, "I know Barbara is not going to go for that!".
He looks at Angela and exclaims,
"She'd be perfect! I have a little number that would fit her perfectly!".
Relieved, I say, "ANGELA!!!!! You're gonna be in the movie!!!!!!!".
We then borrowed a broom (for the shopkeeper actor)
from Jim at Farm Family Insurance across the street,
a vintage purse from Jerry at Post Office Antiques,
dressed her up and we were ready!


CUT!!!!!!! And Richard checks the film....

It's a wrap!!!

Me getting a little creative with the chrome....

How cute is Angela!!???

Director, Richard Griffin; Cat Hainfeld, camera woman; me; and Cruisin' Bruce Palmer

You may view the trailer here....

We are all going to the premiere on September 10th at The Foxboro Orpheum...
it should be fun!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey...that's great I like the fact that they used my front yard to shoot some
footage!!! Good thing (my) Richard fixed the fence!!! It looks good!

Angela is adorable and perfect for the part! Congratulations on the coverage on
B&H!!!!! Well deserved.

Best wishes, Dee