Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brown & Hopkins Candy Faces!

Buyer beware.......
We have a camera, and we know how to use it!!!
Here are some of the latest candy face cuties!

Faith and Evan visited from Jamestown, RI.
I love the look on Evans face, don't you!?

This photo of Faith and Evan was taken after the one below.....He's looking a bit sheepish. I wonder why? Boys will be boys won't they?

Don't you wish you could freeze a moment in time????

Meghan is a cutie-patootie and she's great at spelling too!!!

Michael and Lily are enjoying their candy and Mom and Dad love their new farm table from Brown & Hopkins!!!
We may just have to take a photo of it in their home when they are ready!
Here's Coleton & Elias!

Ashlynn and Lucas, originally fom Pascoag, had one request while visiting from North Carolina.... "Can we go to Brown & Hopkins!?"

William was visiting from Washington.....

Katelyn and Kourtney.....too KUTE!!!!!!!!

Luke, Paul and Josephine.....keep smiling!!!!

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