Saturday, June 28, 2008

Those Are Some A Spicy Meataballs!!!!!

It's Summer! Time for easy recipes!
This is a great bring along to a barbecue!
Get ready for some rave reviews!

Meatballs coated with Apple Jalapeno Jelly....
And don't be scared by the "J" word....
it's not Habanero hot, it just has a little kick!

Apple Jalapeno Meatballs
1 pound 1-inch Swedish meatballs (store bought or your favorite recipe cooked)
1 jar Stonewall Kitchen Apple Jalapeno Jelly

Thaw, if frozen, the meatballs. Place in a sauce pan. Add Stonewall Kitchen Apple Jalapeno Pepper Jelly. Heat. Serve immediately. And watch them disappear!

Make a quick summer meal out of them with little grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches on rye and a green side salad........
And don't forget the paper plates!
It's too hot to wash dishes!


Siri said...

Those meatballs look absolutely delish. Thanks for the recipe. Siri

Jacinda said...

This sounds so yummy! Especially with the grilled cheese and salad. We need to make this when we're home.

Liz said...

I made them again last night as an appetizer......everyone loved them! Ooh, they were yummy and I agree, when you visit, we need to make them again!