Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Perpetual Vanilla Extract

A customer requested that we carry this great item!
Request granted!!! And it is just $8.95....(she said she paid $11.95 somewhere else!!)
Perpetual Vanilla is essentially vanilla extract that you make yourself!
The bottle contains Organic Madagascar Vanilla Beans....
All you do is open the bottle, cut the beans lengthwise, and fill the bottle with vodka or light rum, and wait.....
In just a few weeks you'll have the most delicious vanilla extract. And you just replenish with more vodka or rum, and you will have vanilla extract for years!!!!
This has been endorsed by Martha Stewart, and was featured on her show!
So you know its a good thing......
And as a side note: Does anyone recall the episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, in which the family is having one of their usual arguments in the kitchen? And Robert is so flustered that he opens the cupboard, grabs a bottle, and takes a swig.................then Ray grabs the bottle out of his hand...also takes a swig......and then he asks, "What is this???!"
Robert says, in that dry tone of his, "Vanilla Extract."
I loved that!

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