Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thank Your Teacher!!!

And thank your lucky stars that she doesn't carry a wooden ruler
like Clara Barton probably did.....
This is a portrait of Clara Barton.
She was an American teacher, nurse, and humanitarian.
During the Civil War, Clara brought comfort to countless injured soldiers and prisoners.
She was recognized by many Union Generals,
and Abraham Lincoln for her selfless service during the war.
We have some great teacher gifts...that don't look "teachery".....
and that is what, if you are planning on giving a thank you gift,
teachers of today would really appreciate!
Perhaps something like a small gift certificate
to Brown & Hopkins ~ their favorite county store!!!!
Of course we have lots and lots of other ideas.....
from $3.95 and up, and each comes with free gift wrapping!
We are open til 7pm on Thursday for last minute shopping!

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