Monday, July 28, 2008

Black Licorice Lovers Listen UP!

Pontefract Cakes
are back in stock at Brown & Hopkins!
For true licorice aficionados there is just no substitute for authentic Pontefract cakes. Soft and chewy, their rich black licorice flavor is blended with a hint of molasses for a distinct taste that's never too sweet and always satisfying. And unlike cheap imitations, these are stamped with a picture of the Pontefract Castle (a must in order to use the Pontefract name) so you know you are getting the real thing.
I must admit, I never liked black always had to be red licorice.
But these cakes have changed my way of thinking!
This licorice is so good, that some of our customers were starting to have withdrawals! I could feel some tantrums coming on soon, so I am happy to report that we have it back just in time....I hate foot stomping as it makes the floors in this old building shake and then the bottles on the shelves start dancing.

Pontefract Cakes are 8 cents each or $7.50 per pound

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The Country Junction said...

Those sound WONDERFUL Liz!! I've never heard of them - I literally eat black licorice EVERY day----it's my guilty pleasure I treat myself to! - I always have a few bags in my pantry at ALL times!!!!