Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Got Granite?????????

I am back from my buying trip in the BIG city of Atlanta!
While I was there, I had to laugh, because there were school cancellations even before one snowflake fell! Actually, school was cancelled about a whole day and a half before I saw one snowflake! And then I realized, they do not know how to deal with the white stuff in Atlanta! Did you see the 30 car pile up on the news!?!
Total chaos!
Anyway, it was a successful buying trip!
I ordered LOTS of great things for gifts and home decorating!
Deliveries will be arriving on a daily basis!
And speaking of home decorating....
I am finally at the point where I can start decorating our new home!
Let the fun begin!
Let me know if anyone wants to take a peek at a home shoot when I am done!
Although I am still a long way from "home shoot" mode,
as I am still in the "cleaning" mode......
And being in cleaning mode, I just have to re-post
the portion below about the beeswax polish!!!
I love this stuff!!!
Now that your holiday decor has been put away,
it's a great time to pick up a can of this magic spray and polish away!
Below originally posted in May 2009
A customer came in today,
and bought 2 cans of the beeswax furniture polish....

And she said,
"If you want to sell a TON of this stuff, tell your customers how great it is on granite counter tops and stainless appliances! My friend, Denise from Glocester told me about it! She said she can't stop touching her countertops!
Her husband is starting to get jealous!"

So, I am telling you....

This stuff is
fantabulous on granite!!!!
No smudges, no fingerprints...
It's smoooooooth.......
It makes dull and dingy furniture and kitchen cabinets look new again!
Oh, and according to another customer who commented below,
equally fantabulous on black cook tops,
which I have, and can attest to!!


Rema said...

and don't forget ceran stovetops..particularly the black ones which are nearly impossible to get streak-free.

Liz said...

That is great to know!! Thanks!