Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ahhh......There's Nothing Like The Scent of a Fresh Pine Tree

Here is a recent comment from a great customer!
Comments: On my last visit to your store I purchased several items but one is particular. I got the "ScentSicles". I only have a little 2-1/2' tree and I placed them here and there and now when you walk by my little (artifical) tree it smells just like a balsam fir. I love them and recommend them to anyone who wants the smell of a real tree (without the mess lol)
Hope you continue to have them during the Christmas seasons to come.
Merry Christmas to you all !

There's just one little problem.....

That wonderful aroma only lasts a few days!

At Brown & Hopkins we have just the solution!


Finally, a smart and affordable way to make
artificial Christmas trees smell like real trees
or extend the scent of a real tree!!
ScentSicles are 6" scented sticks topped with a
gold jewel cap for inserting an ornament hook
to hang on a Christmas tree or any other Holiday decoration.
ScentSicles create the wonderful memories of Christmas
and the holidays virtually anywhere, anytime.

You could even use them in your car, closet,
school/gym locker or office!

A few customers say they are going to place it in their
desk drawer at work, so they can be brought back
to this special time of year....
especially teachers!!!

Available in the pine scent
or the aroma of Grandma's Kitchen......
cookies baking and spiced cider brewing!

One package of 8 scentsicles in a resealable bag for just $8.95!

Great for those who can't have a real tree because of allergies,
but you can still have the scent of a real tree!

You'll need only 2 or 3 Scentsicles to scent a tree!!
They are awesome!!

1 comment:

Bethany said...

Great idea!
Was wandering around live wreaths and trees the other day missing the scent of that in my home. I don't buy live trees anymore.
And my roommate can't handle burning candles because of her asthma. Maybe these would work. Must stop by soon. Used to love the candy counter there.
Found you through my friend Elyse's blog.
Love that you have a blog.