Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day!

Well, at least a "Snow Morning"!
We woke up to a few inches of snow this morning,
and with school being cancelled, I decided to take the morning off!

Usually Bruce is just like a boy scout...prepared for anything!
But this storm took him by surprise, and he didn't have his plow hooked up yet, soooooooooo,
now that the town has so kindly plowed the road in front of our house, and the slosh from the road is strewn into our driveway, I would have to get all bundled up, and go out into that frigid weather, and shovel my way out of the frozen crust!
Bruce is at work now, so he would usually be the one doing this!
Of course, I can't stay at home for very long,
so I might just go do it myself, but it won't be right now!
I remember as a teenager,whenever it snowed, I would drive my mother crazy when I said, " I am going shopping!" Oh, she was so afraid to drive in the snow, and would practically have a nervous breakdown whenever I pulled this stunt! Now as a mom, I know how she felt!
Payback is something, ain't it!

If you are planning a visit to the store, please call first!


You never know how the roads are in our snowbelt of RI,
so if there is no answer, we are closed!
We'll see you on Thursday!
Don't forget,
Candlelight Shopping in Chepachet
is on Thursday Eves from 6pm to 9pm!!!

It'll be so pretty with the snow all around!

Dress warm, and wear your galoshes!

"Yes, MOM!"
Oh, there goes another town plow................UGH!

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