Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grungy Battery Operated Tapers are BACK!!

It never fails, no matter how many we order of these,
we always sell out before we realize it!
And then we have to wait for them to come back in again!

Well, they are back, but we don't know
for how long ~ Our guess is that they won't last
the weekend, so if you want any,
hurry, hurry, hurry, and skidaddle on over to Brown & Hopkins!!!
Grungy Battery Operated Tapers are
shown above in cinnamon, buttermilk, mustard and burgundy.....

WE ONLY have the cinnamon and the buttermilk.

They are $6.95 each and come with two AA batteries.

The life of the bulb (not replaceable) is about 700 hours.
These candle fit in standard candle holders,
but when in doubt,
feel free to bring in your candle holders to try them out!

Their little flickering glow is perfect to
light a nook where electric power is unavailable,
or where you don't want to see ugly wires hanging around.

Also, perfect on the dining room table!!

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