Sunday, November 15, 2009

Childhood Memories

As a kid, I loved candy!

Actually, I haven't changed much in that department...I still love candy!

One of my most vivid candy memories
was at Christmas time, when my Mom would buy
Gingerbread candy aka sponge candy for me.
It is quite an unusual melt in your mouth treat,
having an airy and crunchy texture,
with the slight taste of molasses,
even though there isn't a drop of molasses in it!

Displayed in a wooden barrel in the shop,
it fits appropriately into our gingerbread theme!
Isn't it funny how the simplest things
can bring you back to days gone by?

Does anyone else remember this candy?


Jacinda said...

My favorite "Nanny" Christmas candy will always be ribbon candy. : )

Missing the store these days. It's always so beautiful this time of year.

Kim Whittaker said...

I was just in the store with my friend Sue last week and saw this was one of my favorites as a child.....we had a penny candy store down the road from us who sold's so delicious!! So great to see it again!!