Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lights ~ Trees ~ ACTION!!!!!

So many customers keep commenting about our teeny, tiny white lights.
"These are soooooooooooo cute!"

"I love the brown wire!"

"These little lights are magical!"

"I love these so much more than the regular Christmas string lights!"

We have these little lights everywhere!
On trees, on garlands, anywhere we need a little sparkle!
And since they are so tiny, they aren't just for the holidays!
We use them all year long!
In fact, these little gems have so much life in them,
that I plugged in a set last November, and it is still working!
Keep in mind that I never turn them off,
and this extends the life of them,
because they are not constantly being turned on and off!!!!
Here are the details....
Set of 20 lights ~ on 60" of wire (bulbs spaced 2.5" apart) are great for small trees and wreaths and are just $5.95 each.

Set of 50 lights ~ length is 11 feet and is good for a 5' mantle or small trees. $9.95 each

Set of 100 lights ~ length is 19 feet and is perfect for trees! Can plug into each other, but not end to end. $13.95 each.

These bulbs work even if one bulb burns out!!!

1 comment:

Bethany said...

How perfect, my small set of lights I keep all year winding around my plants atop and old card catalog, just died. The bulbs kept buring out and like you said then the whole string won't work and I finally ran out of replacements. I need these!!!!!