Monday, November 2, 2009

Wedding Details as Promised

Our wedding cake was baked and decorated by Wrights Farm Bakery.....
Lemon cake with cream cheese frosting......
served with raspberry sauce.....yummy!
The cake turned out even better than I had imagined!
It is so hard to convey your idea without a photogragh,
but Ellen at Wrights did an awesome job!
I don't know if I'll be able to wait until our first anniversary
to dive into the top of the cake....
I am thinking of convincing Bruce that we have it
when we move into the new house!!!
I think that sounds like a plan!
Don't you????

Barbara set up all 18 of our centerpieces
on the morning of the wedding!
They consisted of a large mirror as a base,
a bubble vase filled with faux green apples,
surrounded by a wispy vine, and other florals,
and the finishing touch....a rustic birch bird perched atop!
Candlelight surrounded each one,
as well as little blocks of wood with the words.....

Live each moment...
Love beyond words...
Laugh Everydaya

That's our motto!

The table numbers were actually named after trees........
Just sort of a rustic theme I was going after....
I also thought of the idea of making the
place cards out of slivers or rounds of wood,
that could double as a drink coaster if someone so desired.....
Bruce was really glad that I found
someone to make these for me.....LOL
It was one less thing on his "Honey Do" list!
But I did hand write everyones name on their placecards....
and it was a casual wedding, so I wanted the placecards
to be on a first name basis only!
That way it could be a little keepsake for our guests.
In keeping with the "tree, rustic theme",
for wedding favors, I decided upon pieces of
chocolate bark (white, milk and dark) with almonds
which were bagged and ribbon tied, and placed at each place setting.....

Making those up was a delicious job....
and there wasn't one left over at the end of the night!
Instead of sugar packets for guests coffee, I ordered little rock candy swizzle sticks for them to use in their coffee....
Unfortunately most of them got eaten as a lollipop before the coffee arrived...
Oh well, I guess I should have made a little sign as to what they were for...LOL

During our ceremony, we presented a love letter
to each other in sealed envelopes,
placed then in a wooden box
with two bottles of wine (one for me and one for him...LOL),
and closed the box.
The letters are to be opened on our 5th wedding anniversary,
or anytime in our marriage if we start to have "serious issues".
In the letters we were supposed to write
what made us fall in love with each other.
Bruce keeps thinking that I am going to peek......
I only did that when I was a kid!!!!!
I like surprises now.....

Notice how our photographer captured the reflection
of the fall foliage in the bottle of wine....I love that!!

Bruces' gift to the guys were a pair
of RayBan sunglasses, Blues Brothers style.......
And the reason behind that is that he loves their music.
In fact, during our introduction into the reception,
two Blues Brothers tunes were played......
it was sooooooooooooooo much FUN!!!!!
The girls and I, including little Clare,
wore feather boas,
which really added some more FUN to the reception!

I had made a guest book from photos
from our engagement session,
and asked our guests to write a special note to us.
Wow, did we get some interesting advice and lots of good wishes!
I wanted something to keep and look back on rather than just a book with names in it.

Here is a photo of my bouquet with
my Mom's vintage rhinestone pin attached to it.
I guess you can say,
"I'm a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll",
as alot of times my primitive side is blended with a little bit of sparkle!!
Hence, the rustic theme, with little touches of glam!

Thank you to my staff for putting up with me this year!!!!
You were all a great help to me at the store,
not to mention all the extra time spent on "the wedding"!!!!
Hugs and Kisses to everyone!!!!

Oh, and there's that feather boa......
Oh, I have so many pictures of guests
having a gooooood time with them! It was one of the best decisions I made!
OMG...I have to get to the store and set up more Christmas!!!!!!
See you soon!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your day...everything looked the ideas you
came up with to make your day special!

Enjoy your lifetime together with much LOVE & LAUGHTER!!
Denise L.

Anonymous said...

you have done a wonderful job in putting this together---it was lovely and thank you so much for sharing it...

Blessings to you both for a long and wonderful life together.....

Lois Garrison

Anonymous said...

That was WONDERFUL that you shared your wedding joy with us! How beautiful you
looked and all the love will carry through your life together.
TIP:=== separate remotes!
deb d'angelo

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz

Oh my gosh, these photos are incredible! You put so much thought and creativity into your wedding, I love it! It looks like it was not only beautiful, but tons of fun. You looked absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Wow, and Bruce is so handsome. I have never met him, but you look so great together.
Love, Sue