Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Paulette's Party Pics!!!

Paulette recently hosted a private shopping party at
Brown & Hopkins for many of her friends and family!
It was a fabulous and festive night! They enjoyed samples of our gourmet specialities
like the Swedish meatballs in our Raspberry Honey Mustard Dip,
a new cheeseball to which wine is added,
and of course, our famous Vidlaia Onion Dip!!! Guests were caught peering into the penny candy case,
and oohing and ahhing over our displays. I had fun snapping some photos of the camera shy hostess. Oh, and by the way, Thanks ALOT Paulette
for bringing pastry from Pastiche......I almost ate all of it single handedly!!!!

We could probably squeeze in one more private shopping party on December 4th, if anyone is interested.......just call the store at 568-4830 for more info!

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