Monday, December 8, 2008


Most folks that know me, know
I don't like cold weather!

If it were up to me, I would be living in a sunny location, with low humidity (oh, how my hair frizzes up!), and temperatures between 60 and 90 all year long.......
Where is that? Aruba? Jamaica? I've never been to either!
One of my dreams has been to go away to a tropical paradise when it is frigid here!
A drink in one hand, and my toes in the sand...ahhhhh.
Kenny Chesney has a new song out about
"All I want for Christmas is a tan...",
and that sounded pretty good to me!
What the heck was Renee thinking
when she dumped Kenny???!!! LOL

Oh well, someday I'll get away, maybe......

But for now, we are bundling up in Rhode Island!
We just put the lights on our tree last night,
and it snowed for the first time yesterday!
So winter is on its way.
But it is warm and cozy inside Brown & Hopkins!

Everyday we make the hot spiced apple drink with our instant spices!
We add them to plain (inexpensive) apple juice for a nice spicy apple cider!
You can even add it to cranberry juice or cran-apple juice!
Just $3 for one package and it makes up to 128 ounces!!!!
Ooh, I can hear it percolating smells wonderful.....
come on over!

Remember, everything tastes better in
a Brown & Hopkins Mug! Just $6.95

P.S. Just remember, don't do what I did......

I turned on the percolator with just the spice mix
and no apple juice and set off the fire alarm......
the whole town knew I was cooking again!!! Oopsie!

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