Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Sugar Daddy!

I bet you thought I was talking 'bout Bruce.......Braah ha haaaaaaaaa!!!!

Fooled ya!

But wouldn't this big Sugar Daddy be a great Yankee Swap gift???!!

I bet some of you are wondering..."Yankee Swap?? What's that?"

A tradition in our neck of the woods is to have a Yankee Swap at holiday gatherings. There is usually a $10 or $20 limit. Everyone who participates, brings a wrapped gift, sometimes they are nice gifts, sometimes funny gifts.....the funny ones are always the best! You then draw numbers. And then you choose a gift in order, unwrap the gift and then the fun begins. (if you are the first person to draw a gift...that is great! I'll explain why in a bit.....) If you don't want to keep the gift you have opened, and you see another gift that has already been opened that you do can take that persons gift!!!!!!!! Or you may choose to keep your gift, but that doesn't mean you are going home with it!!!! Someone else might just take it from you!!!

The reason it is best to be the first picker (ooh, that doesn't sound right....where is my high school English teacher?), is that you get to choose your gift from the entire loot!!!!!! aren't you glad you asked what a Yankee Swap was??????

I am participating in one at my sisters home this year.........oooh, I can't wait!!!!

Back to the Sugar Daddy...we have 'em...come on in and get one!
It's an awesome stocking stuffer too!

Oh, and that red box is full of yummy fudge.....a pound in all!

Don't forget to tell your sugar daddy that our Men's (and kid's) Shopping Night is

Monday, the 22nd from 5pm to 8pm!
They can buy $100 Gift Certificates for just $90!
And we'll even gift wrap it for them!

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