Sunday, December 21, 2008

What A Weekend!

It has been a wonderful holiday season
at Brown & busy and festive!
And I needed a couple days off....

So I booked an exquisite room at
The Villa of Westerly, and Bruce and I were off!

It was a much needed quick get-away!

The room was picture perfect,
the inn keepers so hospitable.....


And I wish it lasted longer,
but it is back to reality for me tomorrow!
Another shop owner asked me..."How do you get to go somewhere in the middle of the holiday season!?"...and I said, "I am fortunate to have very competent staff who can handle the store when I am away! I am so lucky!" Thank You Barbara, Linda and Angela for "covering" for me this weekend! As always, you are the best!
Thank You...Thank You...THANK YOU!


Christina said...

That room is beautiful! Glad you had fun!

Liz said...

The picture just doesn't do it was just so pretty! I will definately stay there again.....hopefully next summer when the gardens are in bloom and the pool is open!