Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boy...Am I MAD!

My sister gave me two gorgeous,
huge hanging pots of red petunia's
for the front porch of the store!
And last night, some *&%&$#@!!! stole one of them,
along with 3 American flags! Not too American, if ya ask me.
I truly hope they enjoy their hot petunias and American flags.


adsgram said...

I can't say for the petunias, but you have to be some LOW to be sleazy enough to steal American flags. We had one stolen from my Dad's grave once...I mean if you can't really afford it..sad OK, but live without it, and if you can, go buy one!


Rebecca said...
Hi Liz
Found your blog after a long hard day no make that a long hard week at the shop and you gave me a much needed chuckle...sorry about your petunias
Thanks for the chuckle

Anonymous said...

That is terrible Liz, You always make the front of the store appealing and it's a shame someone comes along who doesn't know how to respect other peoples property!
Linda D

Anonymous said...

That's a Horrible thing!!!! Some people, it doesn't pay to have anything
displayed anymore when people steal things....

Liz said...

Thank you all for your kind words. My sister owns a little nursery and that was a specialty basket...I would recognize it anywhere. It is really dissapointing and discouraging, but I should have known that "someone" would have not thought twice about doing that.