Friday, June 12, 2009

Touched By The Goddess

My niece mentioned pasta and Green Goddess Dressing...
So, I whipped up this pasta salad!
I am just a cookin' fool!
I always serve all my salads in this vintage salad bowl that was given to me by my Mom.
It seems like it is made from a fabric that is printed with a "tossed salad" and then molded into a plastic bowl. I would love to find more of them! make this fabulously easy salad, toss veggies and pasta with a bottle of Green Goddess dressing, add salt and pepper to taste. Chill, and serve!

Oh, and check your teeth for little green things......


adsgram said...

Looks yummy, and speaking of GREEN things...where did you get or where can I get a set of those frog s&p's? They are SO cute!


Liz said...

Lynne, You can buy those at B & H!!!! They are so cute, aren't they??