Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cookbook Update

I am sooooooooooooooo lucky!!!
Well, for those of you who don't know,
let me explain....
For months we have been collecting recipes from friends and customers
so that we may put together a
200th Anniversary Brown & Hopkins Recipe Book.
It was a long process of gathering the recipes, proofreading, etc.....
And just when we were all set to deliver the recipes to the printer,
I had to email a question to them.....
And I never received a response!
So then I tried phoning.....
and the phone just rang and rang and rang......
*&%?!#$!!*&#%!!!!!! WT!!!!
They are out of business!
I just spoke to the gal about a month ago,
and told her the recipes
were going to be on their way shortly!!!!
All I can think at this point is
"I am so lucky that I didn't send all those recipes off!!".
So I am now in the process of typing each recipe out by myself.......
Have you ever seen me type? I use 2 fingers and each thumb.......
This may take a month of Sundays.
If anyone out there is an excellent typist,
knows how to cook,
has excellent punctuation,
has a PC with newer Windows based operating system,
I could sure use some help!
Oh, and while I am at it,
if anyone else would like to submit some recipes,
now would be the time!
We have about 250 so far,
and we could use some more, in every category, except Baked Goods.
I need them by the end of June!
The cookbook will be ready by the end of September!!!!
Fingers and Toes crossed......


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, lol
Good luck!!!! :D

Love always,

Liz said...

Are you that bored in Portugal???????????????????????

Angelas said...

Maybe. :) My mother needed to use the internet so I decided to check my mail.