Friday, June 12, 2009

Don't You Just Love It When Your Name IS Called?

Here are my lucky dozen......
You have been randomly selected
from the automatic feedburner subscribers
(who are verified!!!!!)
and can come in to B & H to claim your prize
anytime before Sunday, June 21st!
Prizes expire on June 21st at 5pm.....
Sorry, this prize cannot be mailed out....

1) jennagaetz

2) nathan.fuller.ho

3) murielmarchand

4) jng200019

5) claireperry

6) jdd19

7) jchoppes

8) chikka99

9) missblue1

10) debbiefs52

11) nfalls

12) bcosta6297

Thank You to everyone who entered!

If your screen name wasn't selected,
don't fret!!!

There will lots of other giveaways
that all subscribers to the
B & H blog will be eligible for!!

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